Why is there a mass of teachers leaving the profession?

Who do you want to teach your children?

What difference does it make to your life if one more teacher jumps ship? Why should you care?

Is it the unsustainable workload that the job now demands of you? Is it the fact that teachers are now expected to make more and more students ‘achieve’ and ‘progress’?   


The squeeze on budgets has seen teacher’s hours increased by 20% from last year, which means 20% more planning, marking, tracking and reporting, and 20% less time to do it in. You then must think about all the teachers that are leaving the profession meaning the ones who are loyal to their school are having to then welcome in new staff and take more of a work load.


There has been plenty written about the recruitment and retention crisis in the teaching profession now. You’ve heard how the government has missed its recruitment targets by a country mile, how people are leaving the profession in unprecedented numbers. So, if all these people are leaving, who is teaching students these days?


At CVued we want the teaching profession to go back to what it used to be. A more enjoyable profession where you are established with the best. You are thought of highly and you are in control of the future of your country.


We want teachers to know that they matter and that is where we are here to help. The app is a community where you can liaise with other teachers and collect resources from. We want there to be a community of teachers who can bounce off each other when times are getting tough.

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