We created CVued to put you in control and find your next teaching position.


Thanks to a simple download & sign up process, all of CVued’s features are only a few taps away.


With CVued, your first impression can go well beyond a traditional CV. When you download the app it is important you input all the correct details including locations you would potentially be interested in working in as well as qualifications. This is all located in the About Me section. You can also add a video of yourself as well as a picture.


In CVued, there are no middle men or obstacles. With in-app Messages, it’s possible for teachers and schools to do everything from arrange an interview to accepting a job offer without the involvement of a third party.


It’s also possible to use CVued without the messaging. If you select your appropriate employment status, from employed to seeking position or just open to offers, you will only be contacted if you want to be—leaving you free to benefit from the rest of the features including the CVued social where their will be news updates on the education sector, special interviews and much more.


Using the My Work area, you can upload your own lesson plans as well as any achievements you might want to keep logged. This works as your new CV, no more having to find your old one. CVued can house everything from lesson plans to precious memories and you can even decide what is made public and what remains private. Our privacy settings mean you can benefit from all the functionality while choosing exactly what you want to share. Have you just had a fantastic Ofsted report? Has your school football team just won the league? All of this can be added at a touch of a button.


Through a variety of professional and personal options, CVued can help you make your career development trackable and enjoyable.


If you are still keen to keep your CV somewhere then you are now able to upload your CV to the app. This is another feature of CVued meaning it is accessible at any point.


Just go to our iTunes App Store or Google Play page and you can get access to the app in seconds. Find your next teaching position has never been so easy!


Take control with CVued

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going, take hold of your future today.
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