Are you looking for a new way to recruit? Are you tired of spending a fortune on advertising and not getting any applicants?


CVued is a digital platform that gives schools and teachers direct access to each other, we want to help you communicate in your own time and on your own terms.


Having looked at how schools recruit and the amounts of money that schools are charged we wanted to create CVued to put you in control.


It is very easy to get started, all you need to do is download the CVued app via iTunes or Google Play Store and sign up as a school . All schools will have to be verified to use the CVued app so this means that no agencies will be allowed to find any of the teachers that are on the app.


Very similar to how the app works with teachers, schools are allowed to upload a full profile. This means you can bring your school to life with videos of the children, pictures of your school as well as an introductory video from the Head Teacher. We feel that this is a new way to recruit, no more old paper adverts where a potential candidate is unable to see whether that school can be an option. CVued brings your school to life, you can show your enthusiasm as well as tell potential candidates why your school should be number 1 choice!


After you have uploaded a profile of your school, the magic then comes alive. Start a search for your new teacher, are you looking for a maths teacher? Are you looking for a maths teacher with senior leadership experience? CVued can cater your search to what you want, this will then unlock a whole load of potential candidates that will be interested in your school or your location. You then can message your ideal candidate direct meaning there are no agencies involved. You can arrange skype interviews, invite them to visit or simply offer a position via the CVued app.


You then can welcome your new teacher!

Take control with CVued

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going, take hold of your future today.
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