How It Works

Control your own future. Anytime, anywhere.

Whether you need a new role or a new way to manage your growth, CVued puts you in charge.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Thanks to a simple download & sign up process, all of CVued’s features are only a few taps away.


Just go to our iTunes App Store or Google Play page and you can get access to the app in seconds. All we need is some basic account information and detail about your preferred locations.

Present Your Profile

With CVued, your first impression can go well beyond a traditional CV. In the About Me section, you can change your profile image and upload an introduction video, as well as previous job titles and express what you love about teaching.


Using the My Skills area, you can add qualifications and supporting evidence along with your teaching specialisms. By including the level you wish to teach at and details of any management experience, you can ensure schools only contact you with appropriate roles.

Make Your Own Introductions

In CVued, there are no middle men or obstacles. With in-app Messages, it’s possible for teachers and schools to do everything from arrange an interview to accepting a job offer without the involvement of a third party.


It’s also possible to use CVued without the messaging. If you select your appropriate employment status, from employed to seeking position or just open to offers, you will only be contacted if you want to be—leaving you free to benefit from the rest of the features.

Track Your Journey

Through a variety of professional and personal options, CVued can help you make your career development trackable and enjoyable.


You can showcase achievements and log documents or thoughts in the My Work section and quickly get your professional Timeline up to speed. In the Story section, it’s even possible to capture your journey in short videos.


CVued can house everything from lesson plans to precious memories and you can even decide what is made public and what remains private. Our privacy settings mean you can benefit from all the functionality while choosing exactly what you want to share.

Schools Can Search For Themselves

Schools can benefit from many of the same features of CVued as teachers, but they are also able to search the Candidate Database.


In CVued, it is up to schools to find and initiate contact with teachers using the simple search and messaging functions. This places the responsibility exclusively in their hands and cuts down on unnecessary or unsolicited messages.


From a teacher’s perspective, we have included the ability to be hidden from your current employer’s searches. This means you can make yourself open to opportunities without risking any awkward situations with your current school.

Take control with CVued

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going, take hold of your future today.
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