Why use CVued?

CVued is a breakthrough app in the education market that has had proven success across the world. CVued is not an agency, our app gives the power back to the teachers and the schools to connect directly. As a Teacher you have direct contact with the school, meaning you are not talking through a recruitment agency and not having to apply for a position which may not end until another month away. CVued comes from a lot of knowledge of recruitment in the education sector and we were fed up of schools getting charged ridiculous amounts of money to take a teacher on contract. Instead we want to give the power back to the teacher and school so they can instantly connect and contact each other so that the whole process is clear. We do not allow no recruitment agencies on to the app.


What platform is CVued available on?

CVued is currently available to download for free via the iTunes and Google Play Store. As a school or teacher you can download for free and have full access to CVued. We will soon be coming to desktop too so you are can use via your laptop or computer.


How do i upload a CV to CVued?

All you have to do is download the CVued app for free. You then click upload CV to your profile. You can do this by saving your CV to a dropbox account or your iTunes cloud. If you are having any problems with adding your CV to your profile currently then please feel free to email to us at info@cvued.com and we will be happy to add this to your account. You will know that it appears as on your profile photo you will see a little icon.


What happens once i download CVued as a teacher?

We encourage you to fill your teacher profile as much as you can, remember it is a job application! Once you have created your profile it means you will be come visible to schools where you have selected the location to work. We work differently in that schools will contact you about positions. We do add jobs to the CVued Social also and soon will be creating a job wall so you can also register your interest. We want teachers' to use CVued constantly and not just for jobs so via the CVued Social check out latest stories, blogs and Ecoaching coming soon.


What happens once i download CVued as a school?

Very similar to the teacher profile we encourage all schools to maximise there profile. It is just important you sell your school to a teacher as it is the other way round. Once you have created your profile you can search and contact as many teachers' as you would like to discuss potential opportunities. If you need help with any searches then please contact sam@cvued.com who will be able to help and add searches to your profile.


How much does CVued cost?

The CVued app is currently free for teachers' and for schools.


I have received a verification email, how long does it take to be verified?

If you are a teacher that will be looking to find a new position via CVued then you download the app and select teacher when registering. You will be verified immediately and be able to use CVued straight away. If you are a school that is looking to use CVued then when you have downloaded the app you select school and register your details. You will then need to be verified by our team as we make sure that every school on the app is an actual school and not a recruitment agency. We encourage you to use a school email address, if you are looking to use a personal email address to recruit as a school then we will need some sort of proof that you are looking to recruit as a school. We will block any users that are looking to use CVued in the wrong way.



Take control with CVued

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