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We think teachers are important. In fact, we believe they’re some of the most important people in the world. Despite this, the system that supports their employment and development is disconnected and inappropriate. 


Something has to change, so we created CVued to change it.


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Control Your Own Future

Whether you need a new role, a new teacher or a new way to manage your growth, CVued puts you in charge.
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Get In Touch Anytime, Anywhere

Make your own introductions by messaging suitable contacts directly.
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Track Your Journey

Showcase your lesson plans and store precious memories.
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Access Exclusive Material

Continue your development with learning and lifestyle resources.
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It’s Easy to Get Started

All these features and more are only a few taps away.
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The Common Room

Learning and lifestyle resources for forward-thinking teachers
Top 10 Countries Where Teachers Make the Most Money
Why is there a mass of teachers leaving the profession?
The CVued Challenge with Jermaine Jenas
“Direct communication with my new school was so important to me during my relocation from Ireland to Nottingham. I was able to speak to my Head Teacher and other teaching staff who had experience teaching the same curriculum. It all aided a smoother transition and helped me hit the ground running as soon as I arrived.”
Teacher at St Mary's Primary School, Nottingham
Bobby Whyte - 
I think it's an excellent idea. The international sector is held to ransom by the TES and you could offer a high value alternative. With an average of over 20% turnover in our world we are changing staff regularly and the methods of old are not keeping pace.
Principal at The Regent's International School, Bangkok
Peter Hogan - 

Take control with CVued

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going, take hold of your future today.
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